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Please note that we do not administer NIPT tests directly. NIPT tests are administered by our local partners throughout Europe. You should consult with your qualified healthcare professional, and our local partner regarding whether the NIPT test is right for you, and whether there is additional information available regarding the NIPT test.

Users can find a list of local partners to choose from on our Website.

Basic information about the NIPT test

NIPT stands for Non-Invasive Fetal Trisomy test. It is a genetic screening test that pregnant women can take from the 10th week of their pregnancy.

The NIPT test is a means of evaluating the risk of a baby having trisomy 21, trisomy 18 or trisomy 13. The term “trisomy” is used to describe the presence of an extra chromosome—three instead of the usual pair.

Specifically, trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) occurs when a baby is born with three copies of chromosome 21, trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) when a baby is born with three copies of chromosome 18, and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) when a baby is born with three copies of chromosome 13.

NIPT also offers additional testing for other genetic disorders, depending on the chosen package.

NIPT results and test limitations

Although the NIPT test is highly accurate for identification of trisomies 21, 18 and 13, NIPT is NOT a diagnostic test and may result in a ‘false positive’ or a ‘false negative’ result. This means that there is a possibility of the presence of chromosomal abnormalities despite the negative result of the test (the result is termed as “false negative”). The result of the test may be positive for certain chromosomal abnormalities, even if they are absent (the result is termed as “false positives”). In order to definitively confirm whether a condition exists, a diagnostic procedure, such as amniocentesis, is required. It is recommended that a HIGH RISK result is always confirmed by a diagnostic procedure. In some cases, follow up confirmatory testing based on these test results could uncover maternal chromosomal or genetic conditions.

The detection rate for aneuploidy of sexual chromosomes is 95%. The analysis can determine the gender of the fetus with 98% confidence.This information cannot be used to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases or diseases linked to sexual chromosomes.The test is also suitable for twin, egg donor and IVF pregnancies. The test evaluation in such cases is not yet possible, as the number of aneuploidies in such pregnancies is limited.

Potential causes for false positive or false negative results include but are not limited to maternal, fetal and/or placental mosaicism (mixture of chromosomally normal and abnormal cells in the pregnancy), balanced or unbalanced translocation, inversion, duplication, deletion, Robertson translocation, chromosomal aneuploidies or marker chromosome in mother and low fetal fraction. In case of a known maternal chromosomal abnormality, listed above, the sample is not appropriate for NIPT testing. Sample can be accepted, if the mother has recovered from maternal metastatic cancer and there is no more tumor DNA presented in the blood.

The performance of the NIPT analysis may be affected by therapy with low molecular weight heparin – LMWH.

Patients who have received a blood transfusion or stem cell therapy within one year prior to the testing date, are not eligible for the NIPT test. If the mother had a transplant surgery, the sample is not appropriate for NIPT testing. This applies to female patients only. If the father had a transplant surgery, a blood transfusion or stem cell therapy, there is no effect on the NIPT test results.

NIPT is also unable to accept samples in the cases of “vanishing twin syndrome” because of the possibility to unintentionally detect and analyse the twin’s DNA.

In case of the cellular immunotherapy where exogenous DNA is introduced, human serum albumin therapy, interferon therapy or immunoglobulin therapy, at least 4 weeks have to pass from the date of the last accepted therapy, before collecting the blood sample. NIPT test is not suitable for pregnancies with more than 2 fetuses.

It is strongly advised that the NIPT test is performed from 10 to 24 gestational weeks of pregnancy. If the patient decides to undergo testing after 24 gestational weeks, patient herself is responsible for any further courses of action, taken by the patient, following any or unwanted clinical outcomes from the NIPT test. When submitting a sample, we recommend that you give precise information on the gestational age of the fetus.

NIPT test results do not exclude the presence of all abnormalities of chromosomes and birth defects. With the test we also cannot detect all abnormalities, caused by chromosomal polyploidy (triploid, tetraploid, etc), chromosomal balanced translocation, inversion, ring, UPD, monogenic/polygenic disease, etc. This test cannot exclude the fetal mosaic chromosomal diseases.

In rare cases for specific analysed DNA sample it is not possible to obtain unambiguous information due to biological or technical reasons. This means, that the detected signal is of so low quality, that it is not possible to claim with 100% certainty, what the result is. When the obtained results were not conclusive due to various reasons, a resample is needed to increase the data set for further analysis. To repeat the test, we require an additional blood sample and a further 7 calendar days to deliver your results. There is no further charge for resampling.

In rare cases the results can be still inconclusive even after at least three independently performed tests. This can be due to different reasons, including inadequate fetal DNA or because the analysis failed our quality control. In this case we are unfortunately unable to obtain results and you will be provided with a full refund. Resampling is thus needed to increase the data set for further analysis. To repeat the test, we require an additional blood sample and a further 7 calendar days to deliver your results. There is no further charge for resampling.

Prior to testing, you should consult with a qualified healthcare provider as to whether any of the above listed conditions apply to you and/or advise your healthcare provider if you are already aware, that any of the above listed conditions apply to you. Test results should always be interpreted in the context of other clinical and family information.

You should never make decisions regarding your pregnancy without prior consultation with a qualified healthcare professional who is aware of the healthcare regulations relevant to your country of residence.

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